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The Evil Genius store carries our flagship product - Everyday Heroes TTRPG - based on d20 Modern, built on 5e. It also pre-sells our first 8 Cinematic Adventures - Pacific Rim, Kong: Skull Island, Highlander, Escape from New York, Total Recall, Rambo, Universal Soldier, and The Crow. We currently don't have shipping prices entered for physical rewards in BackerKit. We plan to wait until closer to fulfillment to enter & charge you for the physical items on your survey to get the most accurate/fair fulfillment prices. We will update backers after entering those shipping prices before we charge you in BackerKit.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Update - June, Kong and Pacific Rim Shipping!
10 months ago – Mon, Jun 19, 2023 at 10:25:25 AM

Hello Evil Backers,

Thank you for your patience between these updates! We’ve got some pretty good news in this one, so please read on to learn about your current shipping status.

Kong and Pacific Rim Cinematic Adventure Physical Copies Have Started Shipping!

As many of you may have realized since you received them already, the physical copies of the Kong and Pacific Rim Cinematic Adventures have started shipping! That means most orders with those books have started shipping out in all regions. All those who have these books on their orders but also have books that have NOT yet been released WILL NOT SHIP until everything on the order is available, unless you opted for expedited shipping.

If you originally did not opt for expedited shipping, but you just don’t want to keep waiting anymore, send me, Maya, an email to [email protected] so I can get you switched over to the multi wave shipping option with our Operations Manager, James. Keep in mind, though, that this will require a payment for the cost to ship each wave individually. But, I totally understand if your anticipation to get your fun stuff outweighs that cost! So, please be on the lookout for these orders going out! You can also email me if you’re curious as to which wave your order is on.

Kong Syrinscape Soundsets Releasing Soon!

The fantastic team at Syrinscape managed to coordinate the release of their Kong soundsets with our shipments of the books! With a setting as mysterious and rich as Skull Island, you better have Syrinscape on hand! While you're looking for (or running away from) the beasts of the island, their Kong - Skull Island SoundPack makes it feel like you're really there. 

Later on this week, the soundsets for the Kong Cinematic Adventure will be available on Syrinscape. If you added those to your order in BackerKit, you will be receiving an email granting you access to them and instructing you on how to download them. Be sure to amplify your role playing experience by adding Syrinscape to your adventure! 

Where Is The Roll20 Anyway?

A lot of you have been asking about the Roll20, so we wanted to set a few things straight! Our main Roll20 products are not available yet. Currently, we only have the Everyday Heroes Starter set available there. It's a great quick way to get started in our Everyday Heroes system, but it's a much more paired down version of the Core Rulebook. 

Our team are sill diligently working on the Core Rulebook and all the Cinematic Adventures, and they will be on Roll20 later this year. You can use this landing page to track that release as well! If you didn't order the books in BackerKit, you can also pre-order them with that same link above. Don't be fooled by the "Buy Now" button! I assure you, they are NOT available, and when you do click that button and log in, you can see that it changes to "Pre-Order Now" since they haven't been released yet. 

That’s all we have for now! Things are shipping and on their way. Highlander is still slated for shipment around August, and we’ve also got the Urban Arcana Finalist submissions and have started to review them! We’ll keep you updated on all of these things in future backer updates as well as our Discord. If you haven’t already joined our community there, please do! We’ll see you soon, Evil Minions!

- Maya, Community Manager

Happy Memorial Day
11 months ago – Mon, May 29, 2023 at 11:56:18 AM

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

Memorial Day is a revered and solemn observance in the United States, honoring the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the armed forces. It serves as a poignant reminder of their courage, bravery, and selflessness. Communities gather to pay tribute, reflect, and express gratitude while supporting the fallen heroes' families.

Rambo Prologue Cover
Rambo Prologue Cover

In honor of our active military, military veterans, and fallen heroes, we have released our Rambo Prologue for the backers of our 1st Kickstarter. It should be in your inbox from DriveThru. For those of who did not back us, we plan to make it available at a later date.

This is hands down the CEO's favorite adventure. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as us. And Save some BBQ for the team.

Shipping Update - May Pt 2
11 months ago – Fri, May 19, 2023 at 07:09:11 AM

Hello Evil Backers,

Things are moving right along! We’ve entered Wave 2 of shipping, and we know a lot of you are waiting for your stuff and have a lot of questions. Let us put your minds at ease! Here’s what we’ve got going on.

Shipping Updates

Items Discussed:

  • Pacific Rim Cinematic Adventure (Physical)
  • Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure (Physical)

Australia, New Zealand, & Asia

These books are in the fulfillment center and preparing for fulfillment! They’ll be going out very soon, so be on the lookout for emails regarding shipping confirmations.


These books are in the fulfillment center already but it is very busy over there. We know how important it is for you all to get your books, so we’re doing our best to ship them before UK Games Expo. Hopefully we’ll be able to do that, but we can't guarantee it. We will update you either way.

North & South America and Africa

The ship landed yesterday. We expect the books to reach the warehouse within 2 weeks and fulfillment to start about a week after that. Canada will be fulfilled a couple of weeks later from within Canada. Remember, these are just estimates. We don’t know exact dates, but we’re making educated estimates based on where the books are currently. If you have any questions about your shipment, you can always email us at [email protected] for answers!

NOTE: If you didn't opt-in for multi-wave or wave 2 Shipping, then your product will ship in the appropriate wave for your total order. If you ordered something that hasn’t been released yet, nothing in your order will ship until the release.

Digital Rewards Are Going Out

Items Discussed:

  • Highlander Cinematic Adventure (Digital)
  • Total Recall Cinematic Adventure (Digital)

We started sending out the digital Highlander and Total Recall PDFs YESTERDAY through DriveThruRPG as usual. These digital goods are being sent to your backer associated email, so please check there for the content! If you have some kind of issue with your download or if you don’t receive the whole email, we’re here to help. Send an email to Maya at [email protected] or [email protected] to get that sorted out! We are committed to making sure you get what you paid for.

We know you guys have been waiting a really long time, and we appreciate your patience! We’re doing our best to make sure you get all your products as soon as possible, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re confused about something or if you just want to know more about what’s going on. Please be on the lookout for shipment notification emails, and we’ll see you all soon!

- Maya, Community Manager

We [Heart] Our Syrinscape Partners
12 months ago – Sat, May 06, 2023 at 04:20:45 PM

Hello Backers,

I wanted to make sure you all knew that our first 3 Syrinscape Soundsets are live and available for purchase. 

Everyday Heroes Soundet

This amazing SoundPack creates immersion for three essential settings for any action movie: subway, dockyard & shopping mall!

Escape From New York Soundset

Make sure you add our SoundPack for Everyday Heroes: Escape from New York! Our immersive sound fx & incredible music will make you feel like your game is the movie!

The Crow SoundSet

Some tragedies never rest, even after death.

When the time comes to set things right, Syrinscape is there to help build the world around you with immersive sound and music from our SoundPack for Everyday Heroes: The Crow.

Shipping Update - May
12 months ago – Wed, May 03, 2023 at 02:48:34 PM

Hello Evil Backers,

In this update, we'll attempt to clarify the shipping updates across the next three waves.

First Wave Fulfillment

In our last backer update, we should have clarified that only the first wave items have been shipped. If your order included any item from a future wave and you did not specifically choose the (more expensive) multi-wave shipping option, your whole order will be shipped once every item in it is released.

Which Shipping Option Did You Choose?

You can check the shipping option you selected and your order details by logging in to your Backerkit account, or through this link:

If you would like to change your shipping option or have any questions regarding your pledge, send as an email at [email protected] so that we can better assist you.

Canadian Fulfillment

No Canadian order has been shipped yet. The fulfillment hub in Canada has received our stock and is currently inventorying it and preparing for the fulfillment process. We expect shipping to start next week. We chose this fulfillment option (even though it was more expensive for us) so that the Canadian orders are shipped from within Canada and you won't need to pay the customs fees. Please note that it took us longer than we expected to set this up, but the next waves will be shipped about 2 weeks after the US fulfillment.

Second Wave Fulfillment

We are happy to report that the Pacific Rim and Kong: Skull Island books have been printed and are currently on their way to the fulfillment hubs in the USA, UK, and AU. We expect shipping of the second wave items *for all regions* to start in June, as promised.

Third Wave Fulfillment

Highlander and Total Recall are complete and have been sent to the printers. Soon we will be releasing them via DriveThruRPG.  We're excited to see what you think.

Our Second Kickstarter

We're less than a week away from our 2nd Kickstarter focusing on Pacific Rim and Kong Skull Island Cinematic Adventure Paths. Thanks to the 200+ of you who have already given us feedback on the offering.

We're hoping you, our loyal backers, will back us on Day 1. If you do, we're offering this amazing FREE miniature. This is the first of a series of Pacific Rim miniatures that we will be releasing next year! I hope you support us!