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The Evil Genius store carries our flagship product - Everyday Heroes TTRPG - based on d20 Modern, built on 5e. It also pre-sells our first 8 Cinematic Adventures - Pacific Rim, Kong: Skull Island, Highlander, Escape from New York, Total Recall, Rambo, Universal Soldier, and The Crow. We currently don't have shipping prices entered for physical rewards in BackerKit. We plan to wait until closer to fulfillment to enter & charge you for the physical items on your survey to get the most accurate/fair fulfillment prices. We will update backers after entering those shipping prices before we charge you in BackerKit.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Keep up to date with all things Everyday Heroes on our Socials!
almost 2 years ago – Thu, May 26, 2022 at 06:05:25 AM

The conversation doesn't stop at our Discord some please jump in. For more specific feedback we would love to hear from you at our Reddit, where we have threads for each Cinematic Adventure just waiting for you to to tell us all about your ideas, request and excitement! And of course we're always happy to hear from you on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Where ever you choose to go we're more than happy to geek out with all of you about Everyday Heroes!

Project Update #3
almost 2 years ago – Thu, May 26, 2022 at 06:05:14 AM

Hello Evil Backers,

Here is your next project update!!

1. Free Custom Dice

Congratulations! 2,504 of you qualified to receive the free custom dice. It does require a pledge to a physical pledge so we can ship cost-effectively. But don't worry, you have time to upgrade if you are interested in this free loot. For those of you who didn't back at that level, maybe the next Free Stuff will make it worth your while!

2. Live Q&A with Developers

On Monday, we did a live Q&A with design legend Jeff Grubb and the lead developers. It was a lively discussion and we thank all of you who asked questions. If you missed it, don't worry because we recorded it. Check it out here:

3. Christopher Lambert Stretch Goal

We're halfway to unlocking the Q&A session with Highlander star Christopher Lambert. At just 5,000 backers, you can ask the Highlander star any burning question you have about his role in the Highlander movie or anything else related to his amazing career. Please tell a friend and help us get there!

4. Details about our Stretch Goals

There have been a lot of questions about how we picked the stretch goals. Our designers did a thorough job explaining this process in the comments section and in the Q&A, but let me take another crack at it. When we first launched this project, we set out to make a 360-page book - about the size of the original game. But we keep writing and writing and writing. In the end, we had written a 600-page manuscript. For example, instead of just 18 classes, we had built 22. In the design process, we often had the designers come up with competing rule mechanics and then we'd pick the winner. In the end, we paired the manuscript down to 500 pages, making hard decisions on what to keep and what to remove. The stretch goals you see are things that weren't able to make it into the final manuscript. So instead, we added them as stretch goals. Adding the Hacker as a stretch goal was a mistake. She was planned to be in the core rulebook from the beginning. So now, you will see that we removed her from the page and replaced her with the Engineer Class as was initially intended. 

Again, thanks for everyone's support. See you next update!

Live Q&A on Twitch - Mark your calendars
almost 2 years ago – Wed, May 25, 2022 at 12:54:14 AM

Hello Evil Backers,

Come join us tomorrow at 6:00 PM PDT as we premiere our brand new Twitch channel with a live Q&A with our design team! We know you have questions, come get them answered and learn about the future of Everyday Heroes™! We'll be on until all of your questions are answered!


Stretch Goal Update #1
almost 2 years ago – Fri, May 20, 2022 at 02:20:57 PM

 Hello Evil Backers,

Thank you again for all your support and comments. You have lots of questions and we've enjoyed engaging with you. I have exciting news about our stretch goals:

1. Stretch Goals Update

Congratulations on crushing the next two stretch goals. 

  • You've unlocked the Hunter Class at $125,000.
  • You've unlocked the alternative professions system at $150,000. 
  • You're only a few thousand dollars away from unlocking the GM screen at $200,000

Up your orders and tell your friends so we can hit this amazing achievement.

2. Announce Time-Based Stretch Goals

I'm excited to announce new Time-Based stretch goals.

  • Already, any Day 1 backer (1420 of you) will receive the 5-part mini-module "To Dethrone A Dictator." Those are already locked in.
  • Today, I've  launched a new time-based goal. Anyone who backs us by Tuesday, May 24th, will receive a set of custom Everyday Heroes™ dice. 

Yes, any current backer at the "Evil Hitman" or greater will receive the dice. So many of you will be grandfathered in.

Thank you again and see you in the comments.

Update #00: Wow, what a morning!
almost 2 years ago – Wed, May 18, 2022 at 10:18:10 PM

Hello Evil Backers, 

We wanted to thank you for all your support this morning. We were able to reach our goal within 15 minutes of launch. And even now our numbers continue to climb. I wanted to provide you with an update on several questions that have been raised in the comments. This post will be a long one, but we're sure you'll love the answers.

1. Stretch Goals

You killed the first three stretch goals, so we added 3 more. 

  • At $125,000 - Unlock "Bloodhound" McPherson and his pet white wolf "Big Boo" & the Hunter Class. 
  • At $150,000 - Unlock a brand new professional system. We built two great systems and ended up picking one. This was the alternative.
  • At $200,000 - Unlocks the GM's Screen. This beautiful 4-panel screen was designed by Lorenzo De Sanctis, Designer for the Need for Speed video game series among others. 

2. Product Changes

We've heard the feedback and have enhanced our add-ons. Now there are more options to customize your pledge. Specifically:

  • Decreased the 2023 Rules Compilation price from $44 to $40.
  • Created a digital-only version of the 2023 Rules Compilation for $20.
  • Fixed our Pacific Rim: Digital Package. Now it should be available to everyone.
  • Provided an add-on for the Hardcover and Anniversary edition of the core rulebook.

3. For Retailers

We love our retailers and want to make sure they have to means to carry our products so we've created more offerings:

  • Created a way for you to purchase more core rulebooks at the retailer's price.
  • Created a way for you to purchase the Anniversary Edition hardcover at the retailer's price.
  • Created a way for you to purchase the 2023 Rules Compilation at the retailer's price.

4. Physical Copies of the Cinematic Adventures™

Today, we only give you the option to purchase digital copies of the Cinematic Adventures™ - but not for long. Anyone who purchases the digital version will have the ability to switch to a physical copy in the Pledge Manager. We first need to come up with a printing and shipping option we feel comfortable with. We don't want to sell you a product that we can't fulfill.

Again, thank you all deeply for backing our project. We can't do this without you! Join our discord and say hello. We're on there 24/7.