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The Evil Genius store carries our flagship product - Everyday Heroes TTRPG - based on d20 Modern, built on 5e. It also pre-sells our first 8 Cinematic Adventures - Pacific Rim, Kong: Skull Island, Highlander, Escape from New York, Total Recall, Rambo, Universal Soldier, and The Crow. We currently don't have shipping prices entered for physical rewards in BackerKit. We plan to wait until closer to fulfillment to enter & charge you for the physical items on your survey to get the most accurate/fair fulfillment prices. We will update backers after entering those shipping prices before we charge you in BackerKit.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Crow and Escape From New York Have Been Released!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Dec 13, 2022 at 09:28:08 PM

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Comet Hyperion - Revised
over 1 year ago – Fri, Dec 09, 2022 at 09:58:26 PM

Oops, my designers told me I pulled the wrong stats for the Comet. Here are the right ones. (PS - Yes this is totally a superhero landing).

Comet Hyperion

Comet Hyperion

Bulk. 12 (max 6 + all pilots’ proficiency bonuses)

Neural Load. 3

Chassis. Heavy Jaeger

Energy Core. Energy Cell

Speed. 3 spaces

Defense. 16

Armor. AV 4


  • Thrust Kicker (integrated into right foot; 3 NL; 2 Bulk)
  • 2d12 bludgeoning, PV 2, Melee
  • Anti-Kaiju Missile Launcher (non-mounted; 3 NL; 4 Bulk)
  • 4d12 explosive, PV 4, range 8/16, radius 2
  • 2 uses
  • Y-11 Revolution Cannons (mounted on arms; 3 NL; 2 Bulk)
  • 2d6 ballistic, PV 3, range 8/16, Light, Loud, Paired


  • Gravity Sling (1 NL; 1 Bulk)
    • You can pick up and throw “Thing” improvised weapons with your gravity sling. When you do, you can pick up those weapons from up to 4 spaces away, it takes no action to pick them up, and their thrown range is doubled.
    • You can also topple buildings or other massive objects onto enemies, allowing you to make attacks with “Object” improvised weapons at a range of up to 8 spaces. This destroys the object, even if it is an “unbreakable” object.
  • X-211 Light Carbon Body Work (integrated into full body; 3 NL; 2 Bulk)
    • Your Defense is increased by 1. (Included above)
  • Foot Spikes (1 NL; 1 Bulk)
    • You have advantage on saving throws against being forcibly moved or knocked Prone.

Awkward. A heavy jaeger has disadvantage on Dexterity ability checks and Dexterity saving throws.

Bulky. A heavy jaeger cannot dive for cover.

Catalyst Enhancements. During Rainbow Serpent turn, the pilots of a Catalyst-enhanced jaeger can choose to activate a Catalyst benefit, gaining one of the following benefits:

  • Ionic Antiballistic Shields. The jaeger has special shields that can be activated to block attacks. Once before the jaeger’s next turn, when an attack its it, it can gain a +5 bonus to its Defense against that attack, potentially turning the hit into a miss.
  • Ionic Reinforced Musculature. The jaeger’s movement speed is increased by 2 spaces until the start of its next turn.

Momentum. When a heavy jaeger takes the Dash action, it must move in a straight line.

Meet Comet-Hyperion of Pacific Rim & BIG SURPRISE ANNOUNCED
over 1 year ago – Fri, Dec 09, 2022 at 04:52:49 PM

Hello Backers, 

This is a big and exciting update so I hope you read all the way through to the end. 

Pacific Rim Stat Blocks

In an earlier post, we showed you a few pictures related to our Pacific Rim project. A few of you really wanted to see what a Jaeger stat block looked like. So here is one:

Hyperion Comet (Medium Jaeger)

Artist: Bhavesh Visram

Bulk. 6 (max 4 + all pilots’ proficiency bonuses)

Neural Load. 2

Chassis. Medium Jaeger

Energy Core. Energy Cell

Speed. 4 spaces

Defense. 14

Armor. AV 3


  • Welding Torch x2 (mounted on arms; 1 NL each; 1 Bulk each)
    2d6 fire, PV 3, Finesse
  • I-19 Plasmacaster x2 (integrated into arms; 2 NL; 2 Bulk each)
    2d8 fire, PV 4, range 4/8, Loud

Gear. None

Catalyst Enhancements. During the Hyperion Comet’s turn, the pilots of a Catalyst-enhanced jaeger can choose to activate a Catalyst benefit, gaining one of the following benefits:

  •  Ionic Antiballistic Shields. The jaeger has special shields that can be activated to block attacks. Once before the jaeger’s next turn, when an attack it's it, it can gain a +5 bonus to its Defense against that attack, potentially turning the hit into a miss.
  •  Ionic Hard-Impact Plasmacasters. Until the start of the jaeger’s next turn, all of its attacks with its I-19 Plasmacasters gain +1 Armor Penetration, and their base damage is increased to 2d10.

Momentum. When a medium jaeger takes the Dash action, it must move in a straight line.

Topple. A medium jaeger can move only up to 1 space when it dives for cover.

Early Release of Crow and Escape!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, we're launching our new store on Tuesday, December 13th. There, we will begin to sell our Core Rulebook as well as two Cinematic Adventures - Escape From New York and The Crow. 

What does that mean for you?

Well, it would be unfair if we didn't give these to our own backers first. So we're sending them to our backers who purchased these adventures in the next few days! We had planned to send it in January, but rules were made to be broken. Consider it an early Holiday gift. 

Introducing Titanic Scale
over 1 year ago – Wed, Nov 30, 2022 at 10:34:04 PM

Hello Evil Backers,

As we're actively building out mechanics for Pacific Rim and Kong: Skull Island, we had to introduce new rules that govern giant monsters and mechs. Enter Titanic Scale, a new mechanic that allows these massive creatures to have their own set of playable rules:

Artist: Jozsef Vajko

Titanic Scale

Jaegers and Kaiju tower over the world around them, standing as tall as skyscrapers. They exist on a scale well beyond the normal size categories, and normal hand-held weapons have almost no chance of harming them. Monsters and machines of this size are called Titanic Scale and use the following altered mechanics. Otherwise, though, they work just like any other combatants.

Titanic Damage and Penetration

Titanic combatants deal and take damage on a scale well beyond normal weapons. Damage dealt by titanic scale combatants is called Titanic Damage and is multiplied by 100 when dealt to a normal scale combatant or object. Similarly, normal scale damage dealt to a titanic scale combatant is divided by 100, rounded down.

Titan scale uses the same AR and PV scale, but in comparison, titanic scale values are equivalent to normal scale +5.  So Armor Value 1 at the titan scale is equal to Armor Value 6 on the normal scale. And Penetration Value 6 on normal scale is Penetration Value 1 on Titanic Scale. This means that most of the time, titan scale attacks always penetrate normal scale armor and normal weapons never penetrate titanic scale armor, but there could be exceptions for very powerful normal scale arms and armor with values greater than 5.

Titanic Conditions

Generally speaking, conditions inflicted by normal-scale combatants don’t affect anything at Titanic Scale. For instance, a regular net cannot restrain a kaiju or a jaeger, nor can a molotov cocktail set one on fire. At the GM’s discretion, some abilities or equipment may still function, but by and large, even very skilled people can’t affect enemies that are titanic scale.

Conditions inflicted by titanic scale combatants on normal scale ones generally work as normal, though at the GM’s discretion they may have other effects. For instance, a kaiju that spits restraining glue at a hero on foot might simply restrain them, but the impact could also cause damage, and the massive amount of glue could become suffocating.

Core Rulebook Version 1.1 is Live

Last week we sent out an update to the core rulebook. Please check your inbox for the update email from DriveThru RPG. We want to thank all of you who submitted over 400 bug bash entries. We will be issuing store credit as soon as our new e-commerce site is live. 

Editable Character Sheet and GM Screen Tables

Backers have been asking for these items. We are in the process of putting these up on DriveThru for free.  They should be up within the next week.

E-Commerce Site Launching Soon

On December 13th, we will be launching our new e-commerce site allowing customers to purchase the digital version of the core rulebook, preorder future products, and buy other cool stuff including this cool shirt.

This T-shirt will be available in sizes XS to 6XXL

We want to hear from you

Are we doing a good job? We want to hear from you. Let us know how you feel about the CRB, are we communicating too much or too little about our game process? Post a comment and let us know what's on your mind!

Big Updates for the month of November
over 1 year ago – Wed, Nov 16, 2022 at 10:01:23 PM

Hello Evil Backers,

We have a big update for you this week. Lots of accomplishments that we're eager to share with you. 

At the Printer

We're happy to report that our first wave of products is with our printer in China.  This includes:

  • Standard Edition Core Rulebook
  • Special Edition Core Rulebook
  • The Crow Cinematic Adventure
  • Escape From New York Cinematic Adventure
  • GM Screen
  • Custom Dice & Bag
  • Rambo Mini
  • The Crow Mini
  • The Brawler Mini
  • 1st Day Backer Pin
  • 1st Day Backer Stickers

This means that we're ahead of schedule and could be putting these products into your hot little hands even sooner than promised.

What's Next?

Now that those products are in production, we are setting our sights on the next phase of work. See below:

The Core Rulebook

We're currently working on the next revision of our Core Rulebook PDF. So far you've logged almost 246 responses and we're slowly sifting through them. You've also made some great requests, including:

  • Making a printer-friendly option
  • Unlocking the PDF so you can make bookmarks
  • Making the PDF more friendly to "Read Aloud" programs
  • Compressing images to make the PDF faster on tablets

We promise to take all of these requests into account when we publish v1.1. Our goal is to get this out sometime before the end of the year.

Cinematic Adventures

Even though The Crow and Escape From New York are finished, we won't be sending the PDFs until January 2023. You'll just have to wait a few months longer.  Now we're setting our sights on Kaiju.

  •  Kong: Skull Island: The rules are now complete. Expect some teasers coming up in the next few weeks. I'm excited to show you the Monster Hunter and Field Scientist classes. 
  •  Pacific Rim: The rules and adventure are now complete.  With this adventure, we will be introducing 6 new jaegers and 6 new kaiju. Get ready to meet Tentacle Maw, Crusherbone, Urchin, Grimdark, Sliju, and the massive Stonefish.

Here is an early look at one of the new playable Jaegers - Hyperion Comet:

Artist: Bhavesh Visram

Foundry & Roll20

We're about to begin doing the conversions with our VTT partners. They now have the design files in hand and should be starting the process soon. Expect these in April as promised.

Live Q&A Recording

We had an amazing Q&A with the original designers of d20 Modern. You all asked some amazing questions about the original game that inspired ours.  You also asked a lot of questions about Everyday Heroes too! So please find both sessions on this YouTube recording.  Oh and we apologize that the first few minutes of the recording have been cut off. It happens :shrug: